December 2009

Paper Scissor and Stone opens in Leeds

Paper Scissor and Stone opens in Leeds City Centre bringing a new platform to those who seek individual, eclectic bespoke fashion and art. This new Concept Store is the result of three people bringing together their inspirations, favourite artists, like minded fashion labels and favourite products, whether they're sourced from around the world  or closer to their home base in Leeds. 


Behind P.S&S there are the souls and minds of Steven Banks. founder of Menswear label Electronic Poet, Si Scott. one of the most in demand graphic designer / illustrators in the world and last but not least Jules Balchin and expert in the Fine Art  Publishing. Their vision is simple and clear as they aim To constantly innovate and bring to you via the web and in-store a unique, original and ever changing product mix from our friends just around the corner or from foreign lands.


Whilst their obsessive attention to detail and customer service will keep the customer, happy in the knowledge that you have been keeping alive the passionate dreams of a new generation.

You can easily find the store which is located next to the Coach station on New York Street, a stone thrown from the City Market. Get involved, get inspired!




Welcome to Custom One Nine


There's no better time in the year to see our creation to come to life. Christmas lights are on, the German Market is blasting some crazy festive tunes and people are buzzing, well pretty much standard...Also during this year Scientists find water on the Moon during NASA's Lcross mission, Barack Obama won the Nobel Prize, finally they declared that Dark Matter exists however, the most exciting event for 2009 is the opening of Custom One Nine Store.


The Custom One Nine design collective, has formed as a result of working within the design industry for many years, having worked closely with many new and old designers, art workers, graphic artists, urban artists, textile/ product/ furniture designers, friends and colleagues. Custom One Nine found itself in a unique position, being able to exhibit the work of these artists and designers.


So what to expect for 2010? We have so many projects and great artists in the pipeline so, you don't want to miss out this space where we will regularly update all the info about this new journey in the world of bespoke and limited edition eye candies work of art. It has been a long year and finally all the energy, sweat and hard work pays off and we are so looking forward to share with you the fantastic work of some of the most amazing upcoming artist and Designer in UK. We aim to expand our repertoire of artists reaching and track them out in various places in the world to offer you the coolest new talents.