December 2014

What is the connection between art and puppies at Christmas?

In the rush for the latest fashion accessory or perhaps the ubiquitous piste of available technology, art is becoming increasingly over looked as a Christmas gift. Perhaps as a society we wish to rip the paper off a present that we can actually play with on Christmas day, as opposed to a piece of fine art that could potentially line the walls of our abode's for the proceeding 20 Christmas' after. 


Picasso Biggie - Naturel


If you are cultured enough to see past not getting that immediate and short term fix of entertainment you might enjoy whilst playing with your new RC helicopter, on the magical day, you will have given a loved one something fun for their interior, a reminder to them of yourself and an asset that will still be growing in their home the next Christmas after that.


A piece of art is for life, not just for Christmas.....