February 2012

Ptype Releases Castle Table With CO9

The PType table is gathering its admirers!

Hand crafted from Yorkshire ash, a handmade Yorkshire stone plant pot sits in the centre of the table supported by the structure of the table.

This exquisite special edition Ash table, is hand crafted from solid locally sourced Yorkshire ash. A handmade Yorkshire stone plant pot sits in the centre of the table supported by the structure of the table. 

Created exclusively for Custom One Nine, this special edition piece is limited to only 9 editions.

Designed by award winning product designer Piers Tucker, this really is a unique piece of British design. One of the final few to qualify from Brunel's Runneymede design academy, Piers has deigned an exclusive limited edition range of products for Custom One Nine. 
Sustainably sourced timber, even for its size, the castle table’s ash comes from forestry commission supply and is cut in a old Yorkshire sawmill by traditional methods. Its then hand crafted in a Victorian workshop using time-honored production techniques. 

The Ash is cut and worked while still wet and air cured when finished, this means that it warps and cracks slightly, in the first few months of its life. This gives it a natural feel, while maintaining the beauty of the crafted wood, these limited edition tables, truly are one offs.
Made from one tree approximately 200 years old. From source to production the timber and stone has only travelled 20 miles before being put on display here. 

There's a three month waiting list for these tables, made to order by the master craftsmen at Custom One Nine workshops. They are then individually signed off by the artist. Please be aware these tables are only being produced in extremely limited runs. Upon order we will keep you informed as to the progress of your custom made Castle Table at all stages of manufacture.

Included with the price is delivery & installation within a 200 mile radius of Leeds. It also a requirement that the table is to be installed on a solid floor, due to the shear weight of the item. We would recommend that you contact us if you have any doubt about the floor that it would be installed on. As a general rule of thumb, the table is the same weight as a grand piano.
This edition is 160(L)x104(W)x40(H) CM and weighs approximately a 1000kg.
Please contact us if you have any questions, or custom requirements.