May 2011

PTypes Store Design in Esquire Magazine

Custom One Nine were delighted to see that work by their very own Ptype was featured in this month's Esquire magazine!

The article, on the coolest menswear shops around, was a piece on the unique Paper Scissors Stone art and fashion store in Leeds, UK.



Designed by Ptype and made by the Custom One Nine furniture team, all of the wooden counters, displays and desks were hand crafted in a Victorian workshop using time-honoured production techniques, before being positioned in the store.

Made from solid Yorkshire ash, each piece weighed up to 2 tonnes and it took all the Custom One Nine workshop team to position them, so the job was a logistical challenge to say the least! 

We asked Ptype to explain his choice of wood (he's definitely a tree-hugging wood lover) and this is what he said…

"Yorkshire ash was an obvious choice given that it could be locally sourced from forestry commission supply. The pieces used were from two trees, both approximately 200 years old, cut in a sawmill using traditional methods. From source to production the timber and stone has only travelled 20 miles before being put on display in Paper Scissors Stone, and is therefore, even for it size, sustainable - one of Paper Scissors Stone's brand beliefs."

"Uniquely, the Ash is cut and worked while still wet and air cured when finished, this means that it warps and cracks slightly, in the first few months of its life, as if it rooting it's self to its new position."

"The Paper Scissors Stone's store is a big space with lots of light, so it needed some really chunky natural wood to fill it, blend in and yet also be a bold feature. Also, the wood gives such an industrial space a more natural feel."

I have noticed over time that people are drawn to soft wood - put a person in the vicinity of some polished wood and I bet you they touch it, normally going so far as to run their hand along it. Watch next time and see!".