August 2012

Olympic fever sweeps the nation

Olympic fever sweeps the nation!


When Beijing put on that incredible spectacle of an opening / closing ceremony, the guys here at Customonenine like most thought Team GB could never match that. Well hats off to Danny Boyle and the thousands of organisers as London 2012 have given the UK much reason to be proud.


Gone were the depressing stories from the front pages, forgotten was the pre-game pessimism, and in its place a huge wave of national pride and optimism we may never see again.

The influence left by the world's biggest event on our capital can’t be understated, from the sporting legacy that will see a thousand kids running down the garden like Bolt, to the inspiration it has given millions more from Art, Design, literature with the simple message … Chase your dream as it just may be possible!



We look forward to seeing what this inspiration brings to the Custom one nine store in the coming months!