September 2010

The Great Catalan Adventure and the Dali House Museum

By far September is my favourite month, days are still mild and the air is flavoursome. Everything seems to come back to life after the lazy summer days. Also it's the month where I usually decide to travel abroad especially because the flights are cheaper and the main capitals are less crowded.


This year I decided to hide in Barcelona, home of a few of my favourite artists such as Dali and Gaudi. I have to say that after few days strolling around the city centre, which extends for miles of the good, the bad and the ugly in design, I discovered a flourishing suburb area namely Gracia.

In here everyone speaks only Catalan, the food is Catalan and the people want to be called, well... Catalan. The hospitality was great even thou I could only ashamedly mumble a few words in broken Spanish (and most of the time I gave up and just started talking English!). However, a few days after exploring more or less all the main tourist spots I had been advised to get a train from near Plaza Cataluña and direct myself to Figures, hometown of the most eccentric artist to date, Salvador Dali.

The trip went smoothly and I have to admit that at first I was not impressed by the look of the town. It looks very old and shabby and the people are quite hostile... Can't blame them thou since they have to witness the everyday pilgrimage of rude tourist invading their tranquillity.


However, I had a mission! I had to find the house of my favourite artist who instilled in me the spark of a surrealistic creativity.

The search was worth it as the house is not at all disappointing. I walked for half an hour in a circle initially. Then following a trail of clues and directions dimly through a maze of narrow streets I reached my goal all of a sudden at a giant salmon-coloured structure, surrounded by 4 towers that support the giant golden eggs. I did not expect anything else! Well, inside was even more bonkers! Nothing is what it looks and the whole building is drenched with the aura of this artistic genius.

This place is a must visit for anyone with creative flair or an artistic temperament - or just someone looking to see something cool!