About Us
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Launched in December 2009, Custom One Nine is the brain child of a passionate design enthusiast with a life long love for originality. It is primarily an online store offering limited edition artwork and quirky design products, but it is also full of all things design, from the latest CO9 commissions to thought provoking blogs.

The Custom One Nine design collective was formed as a result of working within the design industry for many years, working closely with many new and old designers, art workers, graphic artists, urban artists, textile/product/furniture designers, friends and colleagues. After many hours of dedication, Custom One Nine boasts the ability to exhibit labours of love by artists and designers form around the world.


Initially formed with the intent to sell custom made products in limited numbers, Custom One Nine has evolved.  A team of skilled design thinkers now work to produce limited runs of unique art and graphical design prints, all available on customonenine.com.

The CO9 team have been approached to commission one off designs for a concept store, a world champion barista café, unique display furniture (as featured in Esquire Magazine) for fashion lines and artwork for penthouse apartments. Our news column is packed with snippets of what we are up to.

Designer’s and artist’s participation is by invitation or approval of the editors; Custom One Nine only displays brands/designers whose work, by virtue of its originality, authenticity, ingenuity or just plain humour represent potential classics of our time.


The eclectic taste of our editors has been developed by visiting the back yards and workshops of artists and designers across the land, whether this be in London, Glasgow, Geneva, Zurich, Barcelona, Paris, Milan, Bologna, Naples, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Berlin, Copenhagen, New York, Alabama or our home in Leeds!

We get know the designers and craftsmen personally and understand the story they have to tell. We hold the speciality of the work to heart, so our web space is rammed with creative, collectable, surprising, eclectic, exciting and rewarding work.


Our editors, with the help of a worldwide network of seasoned ‘scouts’, spend long hours finding and sourcing interesting new pieces. With this said, we still learn every day, and are always open to suggestions and feedback you might have.

To contact our editors please email us on: editors@customonenine.com.

customonenine.com is a privately-owned company. It has no corporate involvement with any other company or organisation.